Fitting Services & Rates

Introducing Pedalogic Fit Services

Endless Cycles is proud to be partnering up with Chas Pratt and his fitting firm, Pedalogic, to offer their exceptional services as our in house fitting service! Pedalogic uses the Trek Precision Fit System powered by Purely Custom.  Check out this video to learn more about this cutting edge system. All new bikes sold at EC will include a complimentary Studio Bicycle Sizing (see below for details) that will ensure that the basic adjustments on your bicycle are appropriately set to your body’s dimensions. That is a $100 value, that if desired, can be put toward a Precision Bicycle Fit for the utmost in bicycle/rider symbiosis. Below is a list of fittings with descriptions so you can determine which fit program is best for you.

Studio Bicycle Sizing

The Studio Bicycle Sizing ensures that the basic adjustments on your bicycle are appropriately set to your body’s dimensions.  The Studio Bicycle Sizing is ideal for the basic initial setup on a newly purchased bicycle. 

The Studio Bicycle Sizing at Pedalogic includes a professional assessment of your position on your new bicycle and basic adjustments, including saddle height and setback as well as stem length and angle assessment.  The goal of a bike sizing is to adjust the bike as the manufacturer intended as is appropriate to your individual body dimensions.  Typically we recommend upgrading to a precision bicycle fit for anyone that plans on spending more than one hour at a time riding their bicycle or has any history of injuries that can affect their bio-mechanics while riding their bicycle.  The comfort guarantee is not included in the studio bicycle sizing.  A studio bicycle sizing is included with the purchase of any bicycle from our partners at Endless Cycles.  Studio Bicycle Sizings are by appointment only.  Please email us* to schedule an appointment.



Precision Bicycle Fit

The Precision Bicycle Fit at Pedalogic is recommended for all cyclists who are looking to improve their efficiency, comfort, and performance on their current bike.  

This fit includes an in-depth interview and physical assessment in order to ensure your goals, experience, history of injury, and bio-mechanics are understood and applied to your unique position on your bicycle.  The precision bicycle fit uses purely custom's fit bike in conjunction with the latest motion capture video analysis software to analyze your cycling dynamics and optimize your bicycle fit.  Through the precision bicycle fit we will find your ideal bike geometry and then apply your fit to your current bike. 




New Bike Precision Bicycle Fit

The New Bike Precision Bicycle Fit is ideal for anyone looking to purchase a new bike and take the guesswork out of finding the right make, model, and size bike.

This fit is designed to find your optimized cycling position and with it, we will match your unique position to the ideal make, model, size, and component configuration for you. This process includes everything in The Precision Bicycle Fit plus a consultation at the end of the fit where we discuss and find the best complete bike solutions for your fit. Additionally, a 1 hour follow up fit session is included and scheduled for when your new bike is purchased and/or arrives in order to ensure that the bike is set up properly to your fit.




Additional Services / Customized Fit Services

The technology, equipment, and staff in our fit studio exist to improve your experience on a bicycle.  At Pedalogic we are more than happy to work with you and provide our expertise to improve and optimize your cycling experience.  For example, if you want to spend extra time on saddle or cleat / pedal optimization we have the tools, equipment, and knowledge to do that.  Feel free to email us with any questions or to make an appointment today.


One-year Comfort Guarantee

At Pedalogic we believe that the foundation of quality bike fitting is the relationship between the fitter and you, the client.  We do not believe the fit ends when you leave us after your first visit.  Both the Precision Fit and the New Bike Precision Fit include a one-year comfort guarantee. It is included with these fits because we know that bicycle fitting is a dynamic process and we may need to tweak the fit over time. Your input and feedback is an integral component of finding your optimized bicycle fit.  However, making any changes outside of the fit studio to the fit and/or any components that affect the fit will void the comfort guarantee. Both the Precision Fit and the New Bike Precision Fit follow-up visits are by appointment only.  Please email us* to schedule an appointment.

*to schedule your fit or for more information about our services, email us at