Saturday Morning Road Ride

Here is this weeks ride route:


They might do all of it, some of it, none of it, who knows, but at least there will be a ride.

What’s the EC Saturday Morning Road Ride All About, You Ask?

Each Saturday morning, weather permitting, Endless Cycles will be sponsoring a road ride, leaving from our shop’s parking lot at 9:00 am (unless specified for a special reason above), and heading out to enjoy one of the many beautiful bike rides this area has to offer!

The rides will definitely be longer and a bit tougher than our Thursday Night Ride. The distance will be 30+ miles, depending on the week’s route. It will be a “no drop” type ride with a couple of ride leaders who will keep track of everyone so no one gets left on their own. On occasion, there might be an additional route option afforded to those who may want a longer ride in which the leaders will then split the group, depending on who wants to ride what.

There are so many great rides to choose from: Redwood Road, Pinehurst, Palomares, Skyline, etc.  Every so often, we may choose to do an “Away Ride” where we will start and end somewhere other than the shop parking lot.  Each week we will post a map of the week’s ride here on this page so you can determine if it’s one you’d like to join. And, if so, you can then familiarize yourself with the upcoming route beforehand.

Parking is available in the B of A parking lot across from our store. We have an agreement with them to allow us to do so. We then gather in our shop’s backyard, where there are bicycle parking areas provided for you. Access to the back yard is down the driveway to the right of our store, then all the to the back through the wooden gate on your left.  There you will also find a back entrance to our store. The store will be open at 8:30 am and the bathroom is made available at that time.  Also, if you may need some last minute items, i.e. energy gels, food, electrolytes, warmers, tubes, etc., you’ll be able to purchase them before the ride heads out! If you need water, we have free bottled water available as well.

Note:  If there are less than 3 riders in attendance, the possibility exists of us postponing this ride for the day.  We will offer you sag support if you choose to do your own ride from the shop and run into any difficulties along the ride.  We’ll come get you and won’t leave you hanging, there just may not be a designated leader.

Important Info To Remember In Order To Join This Ride:

  • Make sure your bike is in good working order.
  • Make sure you’re in good working order.
  • You need to wear a helmet.
  • Carry a form of ID.
  • Bring plenty of water.

No Need To Pre-Register, Just Show Up & Sign Our Waiver At The Front Counter!

If the weather is looking to be a bit unsettled, and you are wondering if a particular ride is going to still happen or not, just check our websites home page at and you will find the “Shop Rides Status Updates” containing the most up to the moment status on every ride we offer! We hope you'll join us.