Thursday Evening Cull Canyon Road Ride


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The Thursday Evening Cull Canyon Road Ride is an out and back of approx 15 miles from the shop, where we will be meeting up to start.  It is a dead end road, so the light car traffic is basically that of the residents who live out there. The road itself has no real hills, although the entire way out is a slight upwards grade.  Along that grade are many little rollers and dipty doops.  Once you reach the dead end, the way back is virtually all down hill & fast!

This ride will be open to all levels of riders and will be a “no drop” type of ride.  No one will be left to fend for themselves.  So, if you’ve always wanted to try a group ride, but thought, “what if I can’t keep up?”, no worries, this ride is for you!

If, on the way out, you feel you can’t make it to the end, you’ll have the option of stopping and waiting where you stopped and then rejoin the group when they on their way back. Or, after you notify another rider of your intentions, you can just return to the shop on your own.  But please, let someone know you are heading back so the ride leader doesn’t go crazy looking for you!

If you’re a faster rider thinking you’d like a little more advanced ride, we’ve got a plan for that as well.  You fast riders can break off the front, while the ride leader stays with the other part of the group, and then on your way back from the end of the canyon,  join up with group and do it another partial time.

Parking is available in the B of A parking lot across from our store. We have an agreement with them to allow us to do so. We then gather in our shop’s backyard, where there are bicycle parking areas provided for you. Access to the back yard is down the driveway to the right of our store, then all the to the back through the wooden gate on your left.  There you will also find a back entrance to our store. The bathroom, as well as a changing area, is made available to you, if needed.  Also, if you may need some last minute items, i.e. energy gels, food, electrolytes, warmers, tubes, etc., you’ll be able to purchase them before the ride heads out! If you need water, we have free bottled water available as well.

Important Info To Remember In Order To Join This Ride:

  • Carry a form of ID
  • Bring plenty of water
  • You’ll need to wear a helmet
  • Make sure you’re in good working order
  • Make sure your bike is in good working order
  • Read and sign our ride waiver one time. Stop by the front counter to do so.

If the weather is unsettled, and you are wondering if a particular ride is going to happen, just check our websites home page at and you will find the“Shop Ride Status Updates” containing the most up to the moment status on every ride we offer.