Tuesday Night Lake Chabot Bastard Mountain Bike Ride

If you are one of THOSE riders, whose motor redlines from the moment the ride starts until the final skid mark back at shop when it gets back, then

The EC Tuesday Night Lake Chabot Mountain Bike Bastard Ride is for you!

These are no-drop hammerfest type rides with 2-3 ride leaders and pretty much, no mercy. And, if you are last to get up whichever hill, they others might wait for you to get there too, but they are gone again, once you do!  But still,  No One Will Be Left Behind!  So we suggest you are a rider with high intermediate to advanced skill levels. It can be a pretty fast group!  If you’re looking for a more relaxed pace, check out our Tuesday Night Boffo Chabot Ride

Parking is available in the B of A parking lot across from our store. We have an agreement with them to allow us to do so. We then gather in our shop’s backyard, where there are bicycle parking areas provided for you. Access to the back yard is down the driveway to the right of our store, then all the to the back through the wooden gate on your left.  There you will also find a back entrance to our store. The bathroom, as well as a changing area, is made available to you, if needed.  Also, if you may need some last minute items, i.e. energy gels, food, electrolytes, warmers, tubes, etc., you’ll be able to purchase them before the ride heads out! If you need water, we have free bottled water available as well.

Please arrive by 6:15pm so the group can head off to the lake promptly at 6:30 pm. We’ll return to the shop around 8:30 for pizza and beverages (including some adult bevs).

Tuesday Nights have Brian falling in love with his Pivot all over again!

Remember, it's a night ride! In the winter months, you WILL need lights you can see by! Preferably 600+ lumens!

Helmets are ALWAYS required.

Roll Out For This Ride Is 6:30PM!

All new riders need to stop by the front counter BEFORE their first ride to read and fill out our iPad waiver/emergency contact form.

If the weather is unsettled, and you are wondering if a particular ride is going to happen, just check our websites home page at and you will find the“Shop Ride Status Updates” containing the most up to the moment status on every ride we offer!